4 Lessons From Mom

4 Lessons From Mom


Happy Mother’s Day! Yesterday I was able to watch my oldest daughter walk across the stage and receive her college degree. As she crossed the podium, I turned to my wife to share in the moment and noticed that her intent stare contained even more emotion than mine. In that moment, I saw my wife’s wishes and worries for my daughter, from the mundane to lofty. I knew she was willing her across that stage without incident, hoping that she felt as beautiful as she looked and was as confident internally as she appeared externally. To me, that is the essence of a mother’s love.

Moms never leave our sides. They continue to guide us across life’s stages, they sit beside us in meetings and frequently sit on our shoulders helping us determine how we should respond or react to a situation. Of course, all of this often goes on without our awareness, except for maybe on this day every year, when we stop and take time to say thank you. So today, I want to share with you the lessons I have learned from both my Mom and from the mother of my children.

Moms never leave our sides. They continue to guide us across life’s stages

1. Love: No matter how bad a day you have, or how disappointed you find a result, know that you are loved. I recognize this sounds exceptionally mushy, but let down your shield and recognize what a powerful sense of belonging and connection that love offers. As a kid, mom could make a scraped knee feel better with a simple kiss. The healing power was not medicinal, it was love and whether that love is from a mother, a spouse, a child or a good friend, its ability to help us through the pain and struggle that accompanies life is extraordinary.

2. We are all flawed: This is a lesson learned over time and it is often one that is difficult to digest. As a young child, moms are always right; their judgment is above reproach. We then hit our teenage years, moms become completely out of touch. Finally, we become parents and recognize, that mom may not have had all the answers, but they were always guided by the right intent. That is the lesson. We are all flawed, we will all blow it, make a bad decision, react poorly to a situation. But, if we approach every situation with the right intent, to simply do good and avoid harm, we will be met with forgiveness and understanding.

3. Be thankful: Moms are great for helping us find center. Just try to complain about what is being served for dinner and you will hear in response “be thankful for having food, there are kids who are starving”. We spend so much of our time in search of happiness or in want of greener pastures. We should pause everyday and take stock of all that we should be thankful for in our lives. I am certain, that if you are able to read this, there is far more in your life to be thankful for than to lament.

4. Treat everyone with respect: We all have different roles Unfortunately, as a society we often place value based on wealth and position. That is simply outward embellishment. At our root, we are all human and in search of the same things; to be heard, cared for, valued and respected. Everyone deserves dignity and understanding. Greet everyone with warmth and show the respect that we all deserve as fellow human beings traveling down this road we call life. 2015-05-10-1431280455-7629142-Flower.jpg
The above are but a few of the countless lessons taught and learned, but I offer these as the most representative of how I guide my business interactions. I would ask that you please contribute the lessons that have been most foundational to you. Not only would this be a great way to share our collective wisdom, it would also serve as a wonderful tribute to our moms.

Happy Mother’s Day and thanks for reading.

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