Women Vote with Pocketbooks: WBENC Conference & Business Fair

Women Vote with Pocketbooks: WBENC Conference & Business Fair

"Women Vote with Pocketbooks: WBENC Conference & Business Fair"Women have $7 billion in buying power as consumers, generate $1.4 trillion in revenues as business owners and have created more than a quarter of a million jobs since 2007.

Women have the economic clout and power to enact significant influence. Pamela Prince-Eason, President and CEO of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the leader in women’s business development, can tell your audiences how: Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs) vote with their pocketbooks and support the corporations that support them as well as their fellow WBEs.

More than 3,500 WBEs and decision makers from leading corporations and government agencies will convene Austin from June 23 to 25 at the 16th WBENC National Conference & Business Fair in Austin, Texas. Austin, a city of innovation, sets the stage where multi-million dollar women’s businesses have access to the corporate marketplace though 1:1 MatchMaker meetings, numerous networking opportunities, during industry-specific workshops, and the largest Business Fair of its kind in the nation.

We invite you to join us at the Business Fair on Wednesday June 24th, or to
speak with Prince-Eason on development and growth of women-owned businesses:

–How the Women Owned logo enables consumers to identify products made by women-owned businesses. This distinct and recognizable logo signifies products are made by women-owned businesses certified by WBENC or WEConnect International. The logo is featured in retail stores nationwide.

–How women-owned businesses #ACTIntentionally and show their support for the corporations that support them, such as the WBENC Corporate Members, by making choices to buy products and services from those entities.

–How women can drive economic growth by selling products and services to
each other and expand their offerings through WBE-WBE partnerships.

–How WBENC and its Corporate Members mentor entrepreneurs across the growth continuum, ranging from the Student Entrepreneur Program to cultivate collegiate female aspiring entrepreneurs in STEAM into future business
owners to programs for seasoned WBEs such as the Tuck-WBENC Executive Education program at Dartmouth.

Prince-Eason has experienced both sides of the buying equation as VP of Worldwide Procurement at Pfizer, Inc. and earlier as a woman business owner. She is a member of the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) advising the President and Congress on economic issues important to women business owners, and advisory committees for several major corporations.

Women business owners who can tell you their growth stories:

Nina Vaca is the CEO and Founder of the Pinnacle Group, a global firm that provides innovative information technology and services solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Since 1996, Nina has grown Pinnacle into one of the most respected and decorated IT services firm in the nation, with more $650 million in revenue and the distinction of being the largest Hispanic firm in the industry. 

Cathi Coan is president and CEO of Techway Services, a nationally recognized provider of end-of-life IT services for corporations, government entities, and universities. Cathi’s vision to reduce toxic e-waste has far reaching
impact protecting the environment not only in the United States, but also in many parts of the world. 

Keeli Jernigan is President and CEO of Trans-Expedite, a full-service global logistics company which reached $60 million in 2014. Founded in 2001, its core competency is servicing the time-sensitive shipments of critical cargo throughout North America and around the world. 

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